Understanding the Jap bani

Just wanted to share the most eye opening attempt at translating the Jap bani in modern day English I have ever come across. This is a work in progress project, but these first five articles are worthy of being pronted in gold:

Gur fateh.

Fun with Gurbani

We in the Bay area have been involved in some ridiculous amount of fun with Gurbani for the last few months and the group has become our friday evening mainstay. With all of us looking forward to friday everyweek.  Ok, Ok, I know it could just be because of the movie nights, song nights and after veechar parties :)

But still if you are in the Bay area and have some amount of interest in Gurbani, you will love this meetup group: Fun with Gurbani

Oh ya, we also have some amazing langar here too :). 

Shame on Indian Police


What legal steps can we take to stop this kind of ridiculous behavior by goons in the guise of public protectors? ideas anyone?

The problem is not just removing the young man's pride by snatching his dastar (turban), it more so about the high handedness of the system.

The other shameful thing is that whenever these issues come up people make it a hindu vs sikh issue. 

The real issue is that the people in power will never let the common mane stand up for the truth with pride.  

The police should never, be allowed to: 
- Disrespect a persons belief, unless that particular belief is causing harm to others.
- Act differently with rich & poor
- Have different rules of conduct for particular communities 

Lastly they should be limited to use of physical force only in conditions that should be well defined and intended to protect the public, not make the men in khakhi the goons of this new age. 

Sometimes I feel really sad question if India is really an independent country?

Vegetarians of the third kind.

Just a passing observation.

When I was growing up in India, I saw two kind of Vegetarians.

1. Religious veggie: Those who did not consume meat because their religious leader told them so or interpreted their holy teachings as such.

2. Spiritual veggie: Those who wanted to live a more aware life and hence felt the cruelty towards animals can be avoided, since they can live easily on a vegetarian diet.

In both of these cases, they abandoned intoxicants (alcohol in particular) too. The religious people did so, because the leader told them. The spiritual ones did it because they valued their senses and losing control over them was not desirable.

I recently came across a third category of vegetarians: Those who feel either feel empathetic towards animals or have some other global warming theories that convince them to become vegetarian. They dont seem to have any problem in losing control of their senses with intoxicants. I call them the Rational veggies. (Though the intoxication part seems a little irrational to me.)

(Yes i have completely ignored the mom-scared vegetarians who are not so vegi. once they are out of their mom's sight. :)  Actually I fall into another minor subset - roommate veggi "One who is vegetarian for the fear of roommates! JK.)

Coming soon a post on 'Vegan Superpowers' :)-

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