Shame on Indian Police


What legal steps can we take to stop this kind of ridiculous behavior by goons in the guise of public protectors? ideas anyone?

The problem is not just removing the young man's pride by snatching his dastar (turban), it more so about the high handedness of the system.

The other shameful thing is that whenever these issues come up people make it a hindu vs sikh issue. 

The real issue is that the people in power will never let the common mane stand up for the truth with pride.  

The police should never, be allowed to: 
- Disrespect a persons belief, unless that particular belief is causing harm to others.
- Act differently with rich & poor
- Have different rules of conduct for particular communities 

Lastly they should be limited to use of physical force only in conditions that should be well defined and intended to protect the public, not make the men in khakhi the goons of this new age. 

Sometimes I feel really sad question if India is really an independent country?


SinGhDkiNg said…
respect your point of view, and I second it too, but where should the youth start from ?? Being asked, will you initiate changes in any way ??

As per me, is it possible to send this video to the PM, through a larger group ??

I am just speaking out loud.. :)