Real Ass

We always read bani putting other people in it ...actually we ourselves should be the actors ! then it really hurts !
Here is a wallpaper that hurts ..everytime I logon my PC .
Who is the real ass ...

chal re baikunth tuthey lai taroon (wallpaper)

Our "mind"(maan) is the horse, gurmat is the rider giving the directions ....

page 329
Gauree, Kabeer Jee:
I have grasped the reins and attached the bridle;
abandoning everything, I now ride through the skies. ||1||
I made self-reflection my mount,
and in the stirrups of intuitive poise, I placed my feet. ||1||Pause||
Come, and let me ride you to heaven.
If you hold back, then I shall strike you with the whip of spiritual love. ||2||
Says Kabeer, those who remain detached from the false scriptural traps are the best riders. ||3||31||

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