What Should I be proud of ?

( please note- I am writing this at 2am,so I may sound confusing- but I hope I can convey whats in my heart.)

My nation, my religion, my community ?
Should I be proud when a Sikh accomplishes something in a sport; or a Punjabi / Indian achieves a superlative heights in a profession ?; Or since I am living in Indiana now - should I be proud when the Colts win ?

These questions arise when I try to question my integrity on the belief that the world is one - we are all the children of the same creator. We are all "together" in this journey.

So when & whom should I be proud of? Could it be more satisfying if:
I were inspired by, and proud of, acts of selfless courage, selfless service performed by anyone in service of humanity; All acts of superlative human achievement.
So - I should be proud of human achievement when someone climbs mount Everest - not of the fact that the nation/religion he/she belongs to is the same as mine.

We all know it, but then alas - it is so hard to nurture this feeling of universal love and brotherhood.

While it is so easy to feel attached to those who look like us, speak like us & vote like us. It is so easy to paint the world into "ours" & "their" camp.

But does this mean I cant be proud of the Colts ? or Sikh basketballers ? ... well I kind of have to make peace with the fact that its easier to associate with those who share commonalities with me . But, at the same time the more effort I make to see the universal oneness, the more I am able to appreciate the beauty of human endeavor. So in the case of American football I come to appreciate the team spirt, the coordination and the execution of human teams, rather than just root for the Colts.

No conclusions here . Just that my heart is uneasy thinking "even though I should not take sides based on kith and kin, but I know it will happen, and I will regret it latter."

Found a Few more sikhs !

Just heard Ziggy Marley today - it felt as if a sikh of truth is singing from the heart. Wow:

Love is my religion, Love is my religion, Love is my religion
I'll take you to the temple tonight

All my days I've been searching, to find out what this life is worth
through the books and bibles of time I've made up my mind
I don't condemn, I don't convert, this is a calling have you heard
bring all the lovers to the fold, cause no one is gonna lose their soul

Love is my religion, Love is my religion, Love is my religion
hey you can take it or leave it, and you don't have to believe it

I don't want to fight, hey let's go fly a kite
there's nothing that we can't cure, and I'll keep you in my arms for sure
so don't let nobody stop us, free spirits have to soar
with you I share the gift, the gift that we now know oh oh oh

Well I'm done searching now, I found out what this life is worth
not in the books that I find, but by searching my mind
I don't condemn, I don't convert
this is the calling have you heard, bring all the lovers to the fold
no one is gonna lose their soul

True search (true sikhi) is so beautiful.

Compare the two news items ( only food for thought)


Haridwar, 1490

A man allegedly entered the holy water of the Ganga and started pouring water towards the west, but was held by the Pandit association for the “sacrilegious” act, a Brahmin said today. “A man was yesterday held pouring water in the wrong direction at the pious ganges at Haridwar, in gross violation of the Vedanta conduct,” he said.

The Shankrachary of Kanshi, Shri Vedanti ,said a high-level inquiry into the “blasphemous” act had been ordered. AII*

*AII- As I Imagine (news service from the past )

Man enters Golden Temple with meat
Amritsar, May 25

A man allegedly entered the Golden Temple here with meat but was held by SGPC volunteers for the “sacrilegious” act, an SGPC official said today. “A man was yesterday held with meat in the pious community kitchen of the Golden Temple in gross violation of Sikh conducts,” he said.

Jathedar of Akal Takht, Giani Gurbachan Singh, said a high-level inquiry into the “blasphemous” act had been ordered. — PTI

OK now here is the point - I am neither supporting nor disagreeing with the meat man. I was just musing -
  • were the brahmins really open minded in the 1490's
  • or was it the greatness of Guru Nanak that led them to understand
  • or is it that we have metamorphosized into the ritualistic punda's.

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