Shiva's Poison

As the mythical story goes there is poison in the throat of shiva which he can neither spit out nor swallow, as if he spits it out it would cause panic in the world and he would lose his fame, if he swallows it would kill him !
Well it seems our Maryada Purshotam Pathi's singh's have trapped themselves in a similar situation.I was at a distant relative's home where they had commissioned a "Vidhi poorvak Akhand Paath". Well now, the Pathi has respect because he does all the "Paath paraphernalia " according to the prescribed maryada . And the Prescribed methodology forbids them to stop the reading any time . Now, what happened was that , as it was a kind of a family reunion , many relatives had got together , they started talking in th other room .This was causing a lot of noise , and even the pathi could not hear his own voice. Now he was in a situation where he could neither stop the path and tell the people to be quite, nor could he continue to read the bani properly ( and for whom?).
Had our ancestors not accepted the pujari tricks of Khandit / Akahnd paths, we would not have had such situations. Had we maintained the our respect for bani and tried to learn from it , we would not have created a situation where no one listens to it , but if the recital is stopped then it is considered a disaster / Anarth.

As for those wondering what happened next ? Well some old Maryada sensitive relative asked everyone to talk in a different room! Didn't tell them to listen to the path.

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