How to handle Deras ( ashutosh , sacha sauda etc.)

A poet describes from his imagination how the scene would have been when Guru Gobind Singh must have entered Madho Das's(would be Bhai Banda Singh ) Dera.

Naam Simran

Veer Rajinder Singh ji of Khalsa Panchaiyat - chandigarh, was with us in Dubai for a few days . Here is a small clip from one of his presentations. Its food for thought ... vaheguru vaheguru "kari jana"is different from Vheguru "japna".

Keertan on the bus

Its been a long hiatus in blogging. It is difficult to generate content for the blog , when you are alreaty into too many thing :(.. anyways here is a video from our last sangat-trip from dubai to Al-Ain was a picnic/sangat programe ( its pics are avialable at :

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