Pune Samagam 2

Sevadars - Harpreet SIngh ji & ... Singh ( forgot to ask his name)
Gagandeep veerji tried out a dumalla for the first time :Day view of the gurdwara , just take a look at the glass wall & the beautiful , calm &quiet gardenbehind it :
Abeautiful child&Mother :

Pune Samagam 1 ( the Hollywood Gurdwara !!)

The Keertan Samagam at pune's " Hollywood Gurdwra " ( officially Gurdwara Nanak Durbar - But was made on the site which was earlier Hollywood Hotel for the british )...the interiors are really beautifully done (hollywood style)...Now to samagam details ... we had Dayalpuriya ji , Prabhakar ji and the blockbuster of all time "kaki pind wale" . When he was in full go with "Gur Mil Jeta , Har Har Kita ... Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru ... It seemed like there was an earthquake going on ,but a very beautiful one and the whole durbar was resonating with it.

Extempore keertan at kernal uncles home ( langar was being prepared)

2 colour dumalla !

few days ago Harminder veerjee and I tried to tie a 2 coloured dumalla ( harminder veerjee dont have ur pic !plz send !) :

and before anyone gets worried this is how I go to office :

Maggi khao khul ke bhai !!

some images form last month ( harminder veerji's camera - better quality :) ).....every one was lazy on the sunday after the raensabhai keertan ... hence we tried to make the easiest dinner i.e. maggie noodles but thre were too many cooks , I added paneer , someone added nutrila e.t.c. it ended up as a maggie khichadi ....here is Ravinder veerji singing

maggie khao khul ke bahi ...
paneer vi paya ... nutrila vi payi...
.....maggi swaad nahi bani...maggi swaad nahi bani...
may waheguroo ji keep his mehar , that I never lose this sangat . Just being in their company is a learning experience in itself.


Raensabhai Keertan on 11th Feb at Marathahalli

Those in bangalore make sure to attend :
map to marathahalli Gurdwara sahib

Last Years Raensabhai Posters

Since last march by gurujis kirpa we have been having Raensabhai Keertans almost every month... these are some of the posters ...

p.s. if you need the photoshop files any these posters send me mail , Gurfateh !

Before Bloging !

I am pretty new to bloging , so before getting to day to day updates and new thoughts . I would like to share some ( infact lots ) of pics from the past year ... ( my all time favorite pics ..bangalore raensabhais )..

Simran veerjinext update....previous years raensabhai posters..

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