Rule of thumb on fraudster godman detection

The new rule of thumb on fraudster detection: With Vegetarianism & Teetotalism as the only claim to superiority; these called saints/godmen have nothing to offer the inner being.

The Bhats have this identified very clearly, so I do not need to do a whole lot of research on my own:

Svaiyay Mehl 5 on Pannaa 1395 

rihE sMq hau toil swD bhuqyry ifTy ]sMinAwsI qpsIAh muKhu ey pMifq imTy ]brsu eyku hau iPirE iknY nhu prcau lwXau ]khiqAh khqI suxI rhq ko KusI n AwXau ]hir nwmu Coif dUjY lgy iqn@ ky gux hau ikAw khau ]guru diX imlwXau iBiKAw ijv qU rKih iqv rhau ]2]20]

I have been checking-out these Saints; I have seen so many so called sadhus.The hermits, Sannyaasees, ascetics, penitents, fanatics and Pandits all speak sweetly.I wandered around lost for years, but no one touched my soul.I listened to preachers and teachers, but their own lifestyles left me disappointed.Those who have abandoned the Lord's Name, and become attached to duality - why should I speak in praise of them?So speaks Bhikhaa: the Lord has led me to meet the true teaching (Gur). As You keep me, I remain; as You protect me, I survive. ||2||20||