As a greedy moron, I don't protest. Hoping that I will be spared.

I saw this picture on Facebook. It made me think. (Even if Modi turns out be a genuine pure hearted devta (demi-god). Which I sincerely doubt.) There is something wrong in how most middle class Indians like me think.

Something really wrong.

The current moto of a greedy moron like me seems to be: As long as there is GDP growth, I will turn a blind eye to all injustice. Especially if I am from the majority community with the least chance of being on the receiving end of injustice.

For a while I can keep the point about my morally bankrupt aside.

There are a few logical mistakes even the immoral greedy commoner like me should be aware of, because they could come to bite me:

1. GDP growth is not necessarily Development. For example: More cars do not necessarily mean a healthy living environment for me personally. More high yield cows, does not necessarily mean that hormone laced milk is good for me... I can go on. Growth & development should mean to me, especially if I call my self a citizen of the great India. Just copying US is stupid.

2. When they have killed of the current minority & exhausted their land & resources. They will come for me. I am sure, they can find a way to figure out, how I am anti Indian... maybe my religion, my language, my skin, or maybe just cuz I wrote his blog. This is because the politics of uncivilized capitalism works by living off the blood of the sidelined.

( Kill the Naxals cuz they have the land resources, kill the sikhs cuz the community was getting to powerful in delhi, Kill the muslims cuz that wins ellections....  who will be the next victim.)

And by the way, justice, what is that?