Destiny, free will & all the other good stuff!

Just food for thought. If you u ra busy person, skip this :) .

So, I was reading this article on How the time is right for startups to come and liberate the Hollywood audience, because that industry is dying. Then towards the end I came across this line:
"Whatever people are going to do for fun in 20 years is probably predetermined."
(link to the article)
This line coming from a VC really triggered a light bulb in my mind. Because VCs can be thought of a the very epitome of dog eat dog capitalism. You never associate them with spiritual insights. But I see them as a force fo nature... very much in hukam... especially in tune with how society progresses. So if a VC who takes huge pride in making the right decions, (investing in the right companies.i.e. Free will), can make peace with the the dichotomy of Predetermined & Free will...I have a lot to learn. :)

Sat Kartar.