Keertan Experiment

Some might call it blasphemy. I respect your opinion, but i assume i am not hurting anyone here.

I have been hanging out with a bunch of godly people here in bloomington, who love to create music. For the last few days I started playing keertan with them; even though everyone loved the sounds & music - but no one really knew what I was singing, because they dont know punjabi/hindi/braj.

I thought why not translate (to the best of my ability) and then sing. Translation is one thing - but translation to fit in to a musical rhythm is another. Here are few lines of translations that I have been singing. ( they are more of an inspiration from gurbani than translation itself.)
If you get which shabad they are from then probably I have been able to do a decent job, if not then please send across better version that could be sung.

Truth is always, with me, o my heart
Remember and cherish it constantly. (main)

Always remember the true praise (my heart),
ur body (/friends) shall never go astray.

lord, all what u do is, so, sweet
Your name, should be all that I need.

(inspired from shabad )

Some traded in merchandize, (while) some traded in medicine
Saints trade in the lords name, that is our vocation
We are the, Traders of the Name.
(This) precios Gem when one finds, (all) worldliness is lost.

(inspired from this shabad)

3) Tall buildings and beautiful girls, without the lords name i am gonna loose.

I Will upload the recording of these keertan/jams soon. but till hen enjoy some good music that we created a week ago:
Jam at the cellar by gagan