In the service of truth

I came across a beautiful shabad by Guru Arjan patshah, highlighting how I should mold my character with guidance of truth 

Aasa mehla 5

Na oh marta, na hum dareya. Na oh binsae, na hum kadeya.Na oh nirdhan, na hum bhookhe. Na os dukh, na hum kau dukhe. 1

The truth is forever so in its guidance I should be fearless, Truth(true teaching) is forever so in its service I shouldn’t let my heart burn in vices.Truth(true teaching) is not at anyone’s mercy , so in its service (my behavior ) shall be such that I won’t remain in want. Truth(true teaching) are above pains and in its service I would rise above all worldly (mentally created) pains.

Avar na kou maaranvaara. Jiyo hamaara, jiyo denhaara. Rahao
My Life giver is my life then what else can hurt me ?


Na us bandhan, na hum baadhe. Na us dhanda, na hum dhade.Na us mel, na hum kau maila. Os anand ta hum sadd kela. 2
Truth(true teaching) is in no bondage and upon falling it I shall be freed of all bondages I carry in my mind, Truth(true teaching) is not tradable , so in its service my character would become unfailable . Truth(true teaching) is absolutely devoid of filth, so shall my mind be in its service. Truth(true teaching) is a sign of bliss , so shall I be relishing blissfully in its service.  


Na us soch, na hum kau socha. Na us lep na hum kau paucha.
Na us bhookh na hum ko trishna. Ja oh nirmal ta hum jachna. 3
Truth(true teaching) is not based on speculation , so shall I be relived of all valueless momentary speculations. Truth(true teaching) is beyond the grasp of my fake mentally created maya , so in its service I would rise above it too. Truth(true teaching) is not based on worldly greed, so in its service I would be less self-centric and greedy. Truth(true teaching) is absolutely pure and in its service my life becomes worthwhile.


Hum kich naahi ek ohi. Aage paache eko soyi.
Nanak gur khoye bhram bhanga. Hum oye mill hoye, ik ganga. 4
Nanak Says that with Gur ( True teaching – truth) I have lost my doubts and mistakes in character. I have imbibed myself in the color of the Gur ( Truth) . I have realized that I am nothing only the truth ( gur/ Naam) exists , sice before and forever afterwards.


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