Chicago Sangat II

I have been really lucky to have got the company of really inspired gursikhs here at Chicago ... the above is a pic from our "dunkin' donut raensabhai"..we were sitting there almost up to 2 am on a Thursday night (and Friday night too) discussing gurbani & gurmat issues... it is in the company of this kind of sangat that one feels he/she can openly discuss whatever in ones heart and get gurmat feedback on it ...because everyone there was in a mood to learn, not in a mood to teach (maybe sometimes I was the spoilsport who jumped the gun assuming I know a lot ..but guru sahib has his ways of breaking "ego") ...

for anyone else in Chicago or around here is their discussion group :

..And this is just one part of the sangat at chicago , there were many more gursikh families who showered their love on me in these 4 weeks ... am going back with a heavy heart ... made heavy by everyone’s love.