What are these people looking for ?

here is an audio program by atheists:

These so called atheists & christens, both are running to find the end of God or proof of God ( or Christan god , or whatever they call it ).

The way we Sikhs are heading also seems to be the same. Rigidity to stories & mythical concepts . Rather than understanding Guru Nanak (Guru Granth Sahib) and moving in the right direction.

I think this allegiance to a religion in order to find some "nirvana" "heaven" "liberation" "Vaikunth" in the end is the biggest disease we humans are suffering from.This is probabally why Guru Arjun (not Kabeerji ! Page 1136) said :

naa hum hindhoo n musulumaan
aleh raam kae pindd puraan
kuhu kubeer eihu keeaa vukhaanaa
gur peer mil khudh khusum pushaanaa

I am not a Hindu, nor am I a Muslim.
My body and breath of life belong to- Allah,Raam ||4||
Says Kabeer, this is what I say:
meeting with the Guru, my Spiritual Teacher, I realize my Lord and Master. ||5||3||

The understanding given by the guru guides us to be a "Sachiar manukh". Now neither these Atheists nor Religious bigots talk about what makes a person 100% "sachiyar". They don't seem to know what to do about that. For them it is taken for granted . ( that is why they romp Iraq and take it for granted , That is why their kids gun-down everyone in the university and take it for granted).

What they are stuck in is trying to find an end !

govidh gunee nidhaan hai anth n paaeiaa jaae
kuthunee budhunee n paaeeai houmai vichuhu jaae
suthugur miliai sudh bhai ruchai aap vusai man aae
bhaaee rae gurumukh boojhai koe
bin boojhae kurum kumaavunae junum pudhaaruth khoe

The Lord of the Universe is the Treasure of Excellence; His limits cannot be found.
He is not obtained by mouthing mere words, but by rooting out ego from within.
Meeting the True Guru, one is permeated forever with the true Fear, he Himself comes to dwell within the mind. ||1||
O Siblings of Destiny, one who becomes Gurmukh and understands this is very rare
To act without understanding is to lose the treasure of this human life. ||1||Pause||

That is why my friend Dr.Balbir Singh says " Know science and you will understand Guru Nanak better".

Some might have just read this post and said what crap , where does he think that sikhs are stuck with hangover concepts , so here is a list of teasers : avagaman (from where to whwre , who? ) , dharamraj (who? what? where? when? ), Ridhi Sidhi(when will i get it ? they say it comes automatically ? ) manter Jaap ( which one? & then there is mala manter , beej mander , jap manter ,maha manter ! )
The biggest problem is , if these mythical constructs are removed (or understood non mythically) then these so called believers feel lost and start questioning the purpose of existence.

any ways stay chardi kala (even this term needs to understood)!
this bantering will never end.