Raensabhai video

Reincarnation will take a break for 2-3days , will restart later :)! Till then here is another video from simar jeet singh , from t his weekends raensabhai .( sorry still have not cut the mp3s) ...

also some pics from the raensabhai:


Anonymous said…
It is a feel good factor to listen to blore singhs while being away from them.

Thanks to Gagan veerji for wondorful sewa. One benti please accept - Please remove the subjects and comments on my pics which frame me as a mahapurakh. You very well know my jeevan, when i look into my pics - marriage or others, i feel ashamed of what is written about me. Please consider this request.
Niyara Khalsa said…
veerjio ,

sure, consider it done ! ...but you know it is all in good humor ! me being the bigest 100008 mahapurakh of them all !
jaskeerats said…
thanks for the upload veerjee, really like it.
Anonymous said…
Sat Sri Akaal.

Thank you veerji.

We are REALLY FOND of Bangalore
Raensabhai Kirtan. Please try to
upload the mp3's whenever there is