Raensabhai & long weekend

Last weekend , Ravinder Singh and Sumeet Kaur ji were here at bangalore . So a raensabhai keertan was also arranged on saturday night.
Here is the full video of simarjeet singh's keertan from the Raensabhai.

The whole sunday was spent talking to Ravinder and Sumeet about their "newly married" life. here are some pics from the day ( more pics from the raensabhai & weekend are at flickr) :

more pics from the raensabhai & weekend are at flickr i.e. http://www.flickr.com/photos/niyarakhalsa/


Prabhu Singh said…
The motorcycle picture is awesome.
I never saw women riding motorcycles in India, they were always either with some man or on a scooter. Khalsa Women have courage and strength!
Anonymous said…
The Keertan video is tooo good, reminds me of puratan Preetam Singh's (akj) keertan. Thanks for sharing it. Do you have more of such local program video/audio. Plz load tzat too.
Niyara Khalsa said…
There is lots of audio from the same the same raensabhai and the previous ones , I will still have to edit the files ( It is one big file 6 hors long !).
I think I will upload it by monday or tuesday
Anonymous said…
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