Guru sahibs kirpa in Jakarta !

subh nuguree mehi eaeko raajaa subhae pavith hehi thaavaa
In the entie creation, there is only One King; all places are sacred. ||1||

As guru sahib has guided us in Asa kee vaar to go in search of gursikhs and you will find the satguru ...
Well I cant claim that but yes I surely witnessed guur sahibs kirpa "karamat" working in jakarta. I had met Amardeep Singh ji at the pasar baru gurdwara where he had told me about the event the youth at jakarta were arranging fr kids. I was lucky enough to witness the event :Someone would say whats the big deal in organizing a games event for kids?
Well , first listen to the background info: Sikhs came to Jakarta in early 1920's (to medan , some came via malasia) . Over a period of time they lost the sikhi swaroop . But inthe last 7-8 years there hasbeen a "karamat" some of the youth have come back to sikhi ! THe credit of which can be given to the youth camps at malasia & the Giyani ji at Jakarta . This is the kind of generation Gap that should take place in punjab now !! Have a look at the 2 generationsin 1 pic :
But credit must be given to the parents also who give full support to their children in all the quest . They very supportive and are in fact the ones who urge their children in the sikhi direction.
Here are the oranizers of the samagam : ( dont know all the names those seated in the middle row are (right to left) Jimmy , Amardeep singh(sunny) , Amrit kaur ..dont know other names except Jagjeevan Kaur (blue suit)

Youth doing asa kee vaar keertan ( all because of the training gien by the granthi singh ji of jakarta ; he personally is a very rich person but is doing all this as seva .) :

All the above is even more facinating in the context that most kids have Bahasa astheir first language (english & Punjabi are far off second languages).SO all gurmat concepts has to be explained in bahasa !

Here is the final group Pic :

you can visit all the pics of the various games etc at flickr


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Good job 108 Maharaaj...