Dharebazi / Alliances

I was surfing some of my bookmarked blogs and saw my name being associated to "missionaries", "communists" etc. ( for posting Inder Singh kGhaga's video ).
My "haumai" asked me to give an explaination answer , but then guru sahib gave me another answer on my MP3 player :

Page 366
ik ounkaar sathigur prusaadh
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

raag aasaa ghur 2 mehulaa 4
Raag Aasaa, Second House, Fourth Mehl:

kis hee dhurraa keeaa mithr suth naal bhaaee
Some form alliances with friends, children and siblings.

kis hee dhurraa keeaa kurrum sukae naal juvaaee
Some form alliances with in-laws and relatives.

kis hee dhurraa keeaa sikudhaar choudhuree naal aapunai suaaee
Some form alliances with chiefs and leaders for their own selfish motives.

humaaraa dhurraa har rehiaa sumaaee
My alliance is with the Lord, who is pervading everywhere. ||1||

hum har sio dhurraa keeaa maeree har ttaek
I have formed my alliance with the Lord; the Lord is my only support.

mai har bin pukh dhurraa avur n koee ho har gun gaavaa asunkh anaek
Other than the Lord, I have no other faction or alliance; I sing of the countless and endless Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||1||Pause||

jinu sio dhurrae kurehi sae jaahi
Those with whom you form alliances, shall perish.

jhooth dhurrae kar pushothaahi
Making false alliances, the mortals repent and regret in the end.

thir n rehehi man khott kumaahi
Those who practice falsehood shall not last.

hum har sio dhurraa keeaa jis kaa koee sumuruth naahi
I have formed my alliance with the Lord; there is no one more powerful than Him. ||2||

eaeh sabh dhurrae maaeiaa moh pusaaree
All these alliances are mere extensions of the love of Maya.

maaeiaa ko loojhehi gaavaaree
Only fools argue over Maya.

junam murehi jooai baajee haaree
They are born, and they die, and they lose the game of life in the gamble.

humurai har dhurraa j huluth puluth subh suvaaree
My alliance is with the Lord, who embellishes all, in this world and the next. ||3||

kalijug mehi dhurrae punch chor jhugurraaeae
In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the five thieves instigate alliances and conflicts.

kaam krodh lobh mohu abhimaan vudhaaeae
Sexual desire, anger, greed, emotional attachment and self-conceit have increased.

jis no kirupaa kurae this suthusung milaaeae
One who is blessed by the Lord's Grace, joins the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation.

humuraa har dhurraa jin eaeh dhurrae sabh guvaaeae
My alliance is with the Lord, who has destroyed all these alliances. ||4||

mithiaa dhoojaa bhaao dhurrae behi paavai
In the false love of duality, people sit and form alliances.

puraaeiaa shidhru attukulai aapunaa ahunkaar vudhaavai
They complain about other peoples' faults, while their own self-conceit only increases.

jaisaa beejai thaisaa khaavai
As they plant, so shall they harvest.

jun naanuk kaa har dhurraa dhurum subh srisatt jin aavai
Servant Nanak has joined the Lord's alliance of Dharma, which shall conquer the whole world. ||5||2||54||


Anonymous said…
What is dhareebazzi and what is not is clear from your pages. You claim that you is only with Waheguru(All pervading lord) . But on your page, one can see the bais, for you SSI canda gives unbiased news whereas Tapoban.org is a AKJ biased. If this is not clear case of dhareebazze for SSI Canada then what is this.Can you elaborate more on this.
Sajan said…
Khalsa Ji. This is my second message to you. I am working in Abu Dhabi, UAE and was really excited to know that there are Gurudwaras and Sangat here, as mentioned in your post on Dubai. I posted request to share the same with me but everytime I go there hoping to see your reply but don't find your reply. May be you have not gone through that blog. Hoping that you will see the comments of this blog and reply.
May WaheGuru Ji always bless you.
WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa. WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh.