Read the following post with a big heart & not with precocived notions . because when some of our seniors have been doing something and someone raises a finger against it we say , our seniors could nevber be wrong but we forget :

ਭੁਲਣ ਅੰਦਰਿ ਸਭੁ ਕੋ ਅਭੁਲੁ ਗੁਰੂ ਕਰਤਾਰੁ ॥
bhulan andar sabh ko abhul guroo kartaar.

Now,Bhai Sahib Prehlad singh ji was a sikh from Guru Gobind Singh ji's time and the dohira he wrote was :

Agya Bhai Akal Ki Tabe Chalyo Panth
Sabh Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai Guru Manyo Granth
Guru Khalsa Manyo Prakat Guran Ki Deh
Jo Prabh Ko Milbo Chahe Khoj Sabad Mein Leh

Note that It was written that Guru Granth sahib is the guru , but the deh of the guru is the Khalsa .

It was only in the later rehitnamas ( infact during the late 1700s when the khalsa did not have the control over the Gurdwaras) that we find the line as Guru Granth ji maneyo pragat guran ki deh ... One of the cause of this is understood by researchers is that many shradhaloo hindus & pandits were serving the gurudwaras and they ( conciously or uncociously ) brought in the hindu Idol worship into Simple sikhi. Because if you start concidering Gurusahibs shabad saroop as a body :"DEH" then we will start putting bhog of food , ac rooms , rajaiyan over guru sahib etc etc.....I just hope we just dont start giving Ishnann to guru sahib one day !

Respect of our guru sahib is of utmost importance but it should be in the paradigm the guru has set forth , i.e.:
1) High quality paper , good & soft rumally , padded pillows etc so that the guru sahibs swaroop can be maintained in the best quality for longger periods & readability is easy.
2) as we the Khalsa are the deh of the guru , we should keep it in its natural & best form. Ishanan , exercise & daily bhojan of naam jaap & keertan is necessary . More so , since now we represent the gurus "body".So please never distort the gurus body , never take aways the shasters from the gurus body . give it the healthest diet possible ( both physical & naam ) .

Hope this post is not viewd a s post of heritic.

I would also like to nip the qurry in the bud , Beacause many people will ask that so and so sant used to take Guru sahibs swaroop as pragat guran ki deh . So once when he had done the sukhasan seva and forgotten a pankhudi of a flower inside guru sahis swaroop. He was not able to sleep all night and keep on having pain all over the body . so he begged for mercey next orning etc.

I have only one question to ask from all of these sadh & sants ( currently 1300 regisdered deras in punjab) : Where were they & what pain did they have when 2500 Swaroops where burnt and bombarded with tanks at Akal takht sahin in 84 ? what kind of pain did they have in their body then ? & what did they do to alleviate the pain ?


Harminder Singh said…
waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh veerji,

I think its right not to treat Guru Granth Sahibs Saroop as an idol and start doing everything that Hindus do for their idols.

But having said that,I have read about Baba Nand Singhs reverence for Guru Sahibs Saroop.He treated Guru Sahibs Saroop as pargat Guran ki deh and even got darshan of Guru Nanak Dev ji in flesh and blood from it.From this I think its not wrong to treat Guru Sahibs Saroop as Pargat Guran ki Deh.

Please help me understand.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

Sifar said…

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