See beauty of gurbani and its parallel existence in diffrent levels of meaning (one can be seen in the link above) and the other:

One GURsikh (Gurmukh Singh - for those who know him ) had once told me that it is : GUR , GURmantar , GURbani , GURmat, GURdwara , GURsikh
The GUR (the special method) was given to Guru Nanak By AKAL PURAKH ( he himself was the sakar roop of the AKAL )
Guru Nanak gave us that in the form of the GURmantar …. It was this GUR that Guru nanak wanted to spread so he took the 4 Udasis.
Hence GURmat is every thought based on that GUR .
GURbani is the bani emanatig from that GUR and resounding with that GUR.

GURdwara is the door/house of that GUR.

GURsikh is one who is learning to follow that GUR.

That is why we also have the ardas which says first rembering Bhagauti Nanak contemplated the GUR … That GUR was sahai to Angad , Amardas and Ramdas … Arajan , Hargobind & harrai did simran of the GUR … Sri Harkrishan who is the cure of all pains is the did dhyan of the gur , Taeg Bahadur’s simran of the GUr brought all 9 nidhis … ( hre is where Guru Gobind singhs bani ends and panthic ardas begins )

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