SUNDARI , we need you back !

All those who have read sundari will know that bhai Veer Singh jee explains why writing that novel was the need of the hour. He says that by the 1890's the situation of the Sikh masses was very pathetic in Sikhi rehit and jeevan . Especially the mothers & sisters had started to follow a mixture religion of sorts i.e. gurdwara sahib vi ho aaye, mandir vi ho aaye , pir di dargah vi chale gaye , karvachauth da vart vi rakh leya , mata da dhaga vi ban leya etc.

So to bring back the bir ras among our mothers & sisters ( & fatehs & brothers !) the historical- novel Sundari was conceived. The novel was written to make us remember that we are the NIYARA KHALSA PANTH who are wholly and completely devoted to one AKAL PURAKH. To read dramatic effect it had on the sikhs far and wide you will have to buy a copy of sundari read ( those in dubai can borrow it from me ).

Now to the point: the situation bhai sahib mentions about the 1890's is back with full force.

  • We teach hindi to kids but forget to teach them gurmukhi.
  • Our families feel asa ram ji bapu at 8 am in the morning is more banificial than asa ki var keertan at the same time (with no dis respct intended to anyone).
  • Even my mother keeps varats like Karvachauth ..(u know that is required to GEL IN ! Where the hell is niyarapan)
  • The love and respect of shasters and hence the independent thought and living is vanishing.
  • Another example is that at the age of 23 I have come across SUNDARI when it sould have been given to me when I was 8. But I was bussy reading Tantya Tope at that time.

To cut the long lamenting short it would be right to say that we want to GEL IN!! But the problem here is our father Guru Gobind Singh’s magic formula created by the Khandey Bate Da pahul can not allow that!! IT REACTS and then its either this way or the other …i.e. we have to chose the ‘gadi rah’ of gursikhi ‘mat’ uchi ‘ man’ neeva jeevan or that of “mixture dharma” of try everything and appease everyone.

It’s high time, Sundari needs to be made into a movie. Sundari has enough material in it to make 10 “bravehearts’ (if you have seen it u’ll know). But that movie would have to be made with the same level of effects that are there in present day cinema. There comes the big question. HOW ? Well guru ji might would show the way … that’s why I popped this idea here!

Till then gift as many copies of sundari as you can to all your loved ones … to anyone you think needs to know what real beauty is ….what real “sundari” is …gift a SUNDARI. Anyone who wants to know our beautiful history of sacrifice, service and selflessness READ SUNDARI. … and those who are more thirsty read SATWANT KAUR.

English version of sundari (shortened) can be read here ….but it would be better to read the gurmukhi version.

bhul chuk maaf .