agyaat vaas !

I have been sentenced to at least 3 months of agyat van vaas at Dubai by my company i.e. I have to spend the next 4-6 months in Dubai the heartless concrete jungle. I don’t know why Guruji snatched away the immensely loveable & beautiful sangat of Bangalore from me. Must be some of my horrendously fiendish karams in my previous janam , must have done something similar to " Suleman " To make it even worse Rajinder singhji the chardi Kalan singh here at dubai is also going on vacation to punjab for 1 month . ( Sare ardaas karo ji ki mere saza ghat ho jave )

This is one of the photos with Raju veerji and harminder veerji at the Bangalore airport just before leaving to Chennai (where I stayed a night before leaving for Dubai).Don’t have my mobile phone software working properly right now, as soon as the software starts working, will upload the photos from Chennai & Dubai.

p.s. To all those who know about suleman da ghost ; There was only one person who joined with me here on the day I joined & his name is SULEMAN from Pakistan !!