Sunday morning at Gurdwara Sahib

Amrit vehla at bangalore

Tirlochan Singh ji standing outside the door ; He is the one who has started the amrit vehla naam abhiyaas and sangatee nitnem at Ulsoor Gurdwara . ( 3 am prakash seva ; 3:15 naam abhiyaas ; 4:15-5:15 nitnem ; hukumnama & Ardaas till 5:30 am )

sangat doing nitnem ; these days the sangat strength goes up to 10-11. ( no complains ) ...frankly speaking Kamal Veerji (below) alone is equal to sava lakh ( 1.25 lakh )

Gurmukhi and paath classes after asa kee var keertan
An initiative taken by the sangat of bangalore ( no alliance to any of the politics !! ) to teach gurmukhi to anyone who wants to learn (age no bar )... lets see how does it work out ...

Gurmukh veerji teaching ; Bani being practiced

Gurfateh .


gurusharan said…
Nice to have a Blog from India.
You sould list yourself with the Sikh bloggers list on SIKHIWIKI.
Guru Fateh!