What Should I be proud of ?

( please note- I am writing this at 2am,so I may sound confusing- but I hope I can convey whats in my heart.)

My nation, my religion, my community ?
Should I be proud when a Sikh accomplishes something in a sport; or a Punjabi / Indian achieves a superlative heights in a profession ?; Or since I am living in Indiana now - should I be proud when the Colts win ?

These questions arise when I try to question my integrity on the belief that the world is one - we are all the children of the same creator. We are all "together" in this journey.

So when & whom should I be proud of? Could it be more satisfying if:
I were inspired by, and proud of, acts of selfless courage, selfless service performed by anyone in service of humanity; All acts of superlative human achievement.
So - I should be proud of human achievement when someone climbs mount Everest - not of the fact that the nation/religion he/she belongs to is the same as mine.

We all know it, but then alas - it is so hard to nurture this feeling of universal love and brotherhood.

While it is so easy to feel attached to those who look like us, speak like us & vote like us. It is so easy to paint the world into "ours" & "their" camp.

But does this mean I cant be proud of the Colts ? or Sikh basketballers ? ... well I kind of have to make peace with the fact that its easier to associate with those who share commonalities with me . But, at the same time the more effort I make to see the universal oneness, the more I am able to appreciate the beauty of human endeavor. So in the case of American football I come to appreciate the team spirt, the coordination and the execution of human teams, rather than just root for the Colts.

No conclusions here . Just that my heart is uneasy thinking "even though I should not take sides based on kith and kin, but I know it will happen, and I will regret it latter."

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