Sahibzaadyan di Laasani shahadat nu Kotan Kot Parnaam!

some one sent this in a mail:

Ajit te Jujhar di Wangar pai boldi,
Sarhand di aje vi deewar pai boldi.
Sawa-sawa lakh nu ik-ik ne c maria,
Haar gayi Honi par Khalsa na Haaria.

raensabhai keertan video

Sangat ji ,

before the video , I would like plead guilty for creating ruckus by every time picking up prickly issues .
From now onwards i will try to reform myself and try to focus on things that require attention and yet are non controversial.

Hope the sangat helps in that .

Here is a video from last Fridays raensabhai.( will try to put up the mp3s next week.)

Raensabhai Keertan - Ulsoor - bangalore

Saadh Sangat Jee Benti hai ki

Raensabhai Keertan at Ulsoor Gurdwara Sahib

Friday Night

9 pm to 5:30 am

Keertan will be by the sangat. All Sangat is requested to participate .

Langar wil be there before and after the program.

This is the first time in many years that a raensabhai keertan is being held at Ulsoor , all sangat is requested to participate and benefit themselves and others.

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